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We provide expertise and advice to unlock your property’s full potential and maximise profit.

We specialise in projects that range from $50-5million+

We can manage the project from inception to completion or tailor a solution to suit your needs - making the process simple and easy for you.

Extended payment terms are available. Our goal is to provide a minimum outlay for maximum return.

Property Specialists

FLIPRO makes unlocking your property’s full potential simple.

FLIPRO helps devise the right pre-sale strategy for you. We offer unique service, insight, and extended payment terms to help the homeowner reap the rewards of pre-sale renovations, subdivisions, and joint ventures. Our results prove FLIPRO achieves optimal outcomes, increases your profit, and results in your property spending less time on the market.



FLIPRO’s experts customise property solutions for you.

We are dedicated and love what we do at FLIPRO. We specialise in identifying and completing any project which results in a superior product to take to market. With over 30+ years of extensive experience, our team of experts will collaborate with you and tailor the relevant service to suit your needs, including:

- Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell

- Project Management with/for Landowners




People and Property are the two most valuable things at FLIPRO.

At FLIPRO, property and people are our passion. We love building things with bricks and mortar, but more importantly building relationships. We understand property is about creating amazing individual stories. We offer the personal touch and transparent end-to-end service in any job we undertake, offering you peace of mind and ongoing support.


with you is key!

FLIPRO works closely with all stakeholders to achieve the best results.

FLIPRO, together with the landowner and agent, is a match made in property heaven! Collectively we will determine the market, the necessary improvements and understand and avoid the pitfalls. Our obsession is to help deliver a first-class project that achieves the optimal outcome.

Property Solutions 

made simple!

FLIPRO’s experts customise property solutions for you.

We focus on solutions that will minimise on-market time and improve the market position of your property. 

FLIPRO will never encourage work that does not aid in unlocking a property's full potential.

Don’t let someone else capitalise on your property, call us today and we can help you understand how to maximise your sale.

Turn Potential into Profit

Pre-Sale Property Management catered for you specifically.

Here at FLIPRO we analyse each potential project on a case by case basis. 

- Qualify for a pre-sale package ranging from $50k-5million.

- We utilise on sale payment terms to bring your project to life.

- Use our renovation teams or your preferred trades, it’s up to you.

- Once the property is settled, pay us back and enjoy the profits.

Working together as a team.

At FLIPRO we will provide you with the right solution.

Most potential buyers want to move into their new property stress free and require very little work. By completing the necessary work, figures show you can increase your potential market up to 60%. Simultaneously unlocking the full potential and equity of your property.

Unlock the 

full potential!

Newtown, Sydney

Alanna's Story

Alanna wanted to sell her house. Situated in Sydney’s Newtown area, she knew she could get a fantastic price if only she spent a little time and money fixing it up.

After a few phone calls, Alanna had lined up a slew of tradespeople. She had always wanted to see her family home in perfect condition, and she was excited to be watching her dream finally coming true.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. After months of waiting and patient negotiating, nothing was finished. Her house was a mess.

Illness left Alanna unable to work and, as a result, she fell behind in her loan repayments. The bank refused to lend her any more money to finish her renovations. They even insisted that she hurry the sale.

At her wits end, Alana contacted Sacha Caller at Flipro. Sacha listened to Alanna’s story, a story that is all too common these days. He knew he could help.

Flipro set Alanna up with their crew of quality tradespeople. Sacha assured Alanna that all she needed to do was relax and watch the work get done.

In a short time her home fully renovated and in impeccable condition. Alanna hadn’t had to do a thing. 

It looked beautiful, and it was ready for auction.

Thanks to Flipro, Alana got the price she wanted, and she was able to sell her house on her own terms fully restored in perfect condition.

Scott's pet project investment property in Melbourne’s up and coming West Footscray was suffering from some serious neglect. 

The house seemed un-sellable and very few people turned up for the auction. But when Scott laid his eyes on the faded paint, the outdated cabinetry, and the broken fixtures, all he saw was potential.

A qualified local builder, Scott identified a solid foundation and knew that with some love and attention he could turn this dilapidated house into a beautiful family home. 

Once he got his hands on the property, he consulted with Vendor’s Advocate, Sam Spernat. 

Together they identified the renovations that were necessary to bring this house back to life and ready for the market. 

Sam put Scott in touch with Flipro. Being a professional builder, Scott didn’t need us to connect him with tradespeople. He didn’t need any guidance either. What Scott needed was a quick loan with good terms. Flipro was happy to help.

With so much experience renovating homes for others, Scott knows how important it is to work quickly and within a budget. He secured a $50 000 interest free loan from Flipro and was then able to renovate the property from top to tail. He installed a brand new bathroom, all new electrical wiring, and air conditioning system. He sanded the original floorboards and gave the wall a fresh coat of paint. 

When he’d finished, Scott was looking at a stunning, modern home almost unrecognisable from the original. He sold the property within weeks, ready for his next challenge.

Footscray, Melbourne

Scott's Story

Andrew Schepers grew up in Bendigo. After 20 years working in the booming housing industry on the Gold Coast, he returned to see what he could do back in his hometown.

He purchased a house in the style you’d expect to find in a central Victorian city - a 3-bedroom red brick with a good sized garden and shed. 

Looking around, Andrew had the idea to update the property in a crisp, contemporary Gold Coast style. 

He started with the outside, rendering the brick, extending the driveway and sculpting the garden. On the inside, he installed new kitchen cabinetry and appliances, swapped a bathroom with the laundry and gave the ensuite a touch of luxury. 

With so much to do, Andrew needed an extension on his bank loan. Unfortunately, the bank flat out refused. 

Andrew had renovated plenty of homes before, and he knew this one was going well. He just needed a little more time. That’s when he found Flipro

Andrew was able to realise his vision and see the project to completion with just a little bit of help from Flipro. He added some rooms, and installed some finishing touches, like the gorgeous feature wall in the entry. 

When we visited Andrew, he was finished and very proud of his opulent abode. Even though it took longer than expected, Andrew was now standing in front of his dream home, excitedly shaking hands with his real estate agent.

Bendigo, Victoria

Andrew's Story


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